Principal's Message

Principal’s Message

Dear Children,

Schooling is considered to be our first interaction with the world. It is the time we really enjoy everything that we do. It’s not the tall buildings, wide open spaces of the class rooms, laboratories, libraries or play grounds that make the school; it’s in the heart of the students and the staff that the real school exists. That’s what the love for the school is. If there is love, it is easier for us to work for that common purpose.

Look, the role of Balashram is not only to pursue academic excellence but also to motivate and empower the students to be lifelong learners and critical thinkers, who can easily fit to the ever-changing global society. We are a school with a difference. We value discipline, Honesty, innovation and mutual respect and strive to foster them within the students. That’s the cause why we are here. Lets enjoy together our individual roles and responsibilities.

With Love
Dr. Malaya Nanda