Guruji's Message

Guruji’s Message

Education is a continuous process that can develop the innate perfection in every child. By cultivating the head (intellect), heart (kindness and compassion), and hands (with right activities), every child can become a better human being. This benefits the child, the family, society, the nation, and all creation.

If we consider the present path of economic, social, and cultural development, a picture of crisis emerges. Creation itself is suffering from global warming, ecological imbalance, pollution, and desertification. People struggle with inadequate healthcare, fatal diseases, mental illness, frustration, and more. These problems demonstrate holes in the educational process and in the health of our development.

A proper educational system with worthy ideals will change the face of the world. Education can implement joyful, healthy, and happy living without unnecessary exploitation of nature, plants, animals, and certainly human beings.

Hariharananda Balashram is a dream, a vision, and a progressive action to build the lives of underprivileged children in an English-medium residential school. Here, modern education is integrated with ancient values that can be applied to modern life. This atmosphere allows every child to grow in love, joy, and discipline. They will shine like fully bloomed flowers. They will learn to care for themselves, their families, society, and the entire creation as responsible, active, global citizens.

Our Balashram is an institution dedicated to bridging the gap between past and present, East and West, and modern and traditional. It promotes inner contentment and creativity without any form of discrimination.
Our Balashram is a silent revolution that will change society by cultivating positive practical outlooks, constructive activity, and thoughtful creativity.

Each child will become self-reliant, self-dedicated, and self-disciplined. Each child develops vibrant energy for active and proactive living. Every child strives to build their right understanding and an accurate perception of reality and society. Ultimately, they will serve society by promoting unity in diversity within and everywhere. Our Balashram is trying to incorporate the vision of ancient seers with the outlook of modern visionaries such as Rabindranath Tagore, Paramahamsa Yoganandaji, and Gopabandhu to create an atmosphere of transformation.

Our teachers at the Balashram create rishikula (a hermitage of knowledge) and gurukula (ancient educational institution). They share their love, caring, and creativity to inculcate selfless values. Our teachers are flames of light, the warmth of love, and the luminescence of knowledge. Our teachers are a treasure trove of knowledge, love, and action.

Our children are the future, our treasure, and little divine beings who need proper attention and guidance. We, the teachers, other balashramites (who serve silently and selflessly in many capacities), the students and the guides, and the patrons will serve each child by fostering goodness in the little blossoming ones. Our children of Balashram will cultivate all goodness to advance goodness everywhere. With good physical health, sound minds, and sharp intellects, they will not broker any weakness or laziness. The children will use every moment of their time to grow and help their fellow brothers and sisters to shine with inner beauty, purity, and productive activity.

As the integrated family of Balashram we will be torchbearers to bring real change within and in our surroundings and will carry the message of unity, harmony, peace, love and oneness free from bias, discrimination, dogmatism, and fanaticism. Our little angels will transform the world. Using the ideals of plain living and high thinking, and by walking the path of self-sacrifice for a greater cause, we will unite, and we will work hard to fulfill the mission of human perfection.

We will seek to create joy and happiness everywhere with practical, positive outlooks and actions.

With Love,
Paramahamsa Prajnanananda